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 NEW Frequently Asked Questions! 
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Post NEW Frequently Asked Questions!
Please note that the FAQ's consist of more than this post. See next post.

To search this page, press Control F (Command F on a mac), then type in a key word to search.

Forum FAQ's
  1. How do you become a mod/mini-mod?

    The current moderation team will ask you if they feel you are a good candidate. If you are an upstanding forum member, you will NOT go overlooked.

  2. How do you make the character signs found in some of the forum's posts, and the site's farm comments and welcome meessages?
    Your computer has a windows program called "Character map." You can use that to create the character signs you are seeing.
    You should be able to find it under: Start Menu> Programs> Accessories.
    1. The smiley face, triangle, and so on are made by pressing and holding down the alt key.
    2. Then going over to the number pad and pressing a number.
    3. Hold it down, then let them go at the same time.
      • Alt+3 will give you a heart for example.

    You can also go to web sites that list codes for all of them.
    Google "HTML symbol codes"
    When you find a site that shows a symbol you want, highlight it, copy (control c or command c for mac) and paste it (control v or command v for mac) where you want it.

  3. How do I take a picture of my creature, or farm, and make an avatar/signature out of it?
    1. First, you will need to get a screen shot of your creature. Go to the page you want to take a screenshot of.
    2. Now you're ready to take a screenshot.
      • Windows users press the Print Screen button (PrtSc) on your keyboard. It may not seem like anything happened, but your computer saved what you were looking at to your "clipboard".
      • Mac users should press Shitf+Control+Command+4 and let go. A target will replace your cursor.
        • Click and drag to select the portion of your screen you want to take a snapshot of, to be saved to your clipboard (like Windows users).
    3. Open an image editing program such as Paint. Once paint is open, create a New work space, and paste the image into the program by pressing Control+V (Command+V for Mac users).
    4. From here you can edit the image to an avatar size, and save it.
    Please note the Signature and Avatar size restrictions before saving your file.

    When you are done, you can upload the avatar to the forum via the User Control Panel. Signatures need to be hosted elsewhere, such as PhotoBucket, and then linked to.

    If you only want to make an avatar out of one of your creatures you can download their image by clicking on the creature, clicking their "Details" from the Farm Inspector, and when the new page loads you right-click over their image and click, "Save Image As.." Now you'll have to adjust the image size, and upload it wherever you'd like.

  4. How do I take a picture of a real life pet or artwork, and make an avatar/signature out of it?
    1. If you wish to have a picture of your real life pet, or another picture, you will need to use a web-cam/digital camera to take a picture of your pet.
    2. Use a USB cable, and connect your digital camera to your computer.
      • Or take the SD card and stick it in the SD slot of your computer.
    3. From there you can open the file directly into your paint program.
    4. Crop and shrink the image to your liking, within forum regulations, and save it.

    As above, avatars can be uploaded to the forum whereas signatures need to be hosted somewhere else.

  5. How do I add a link to my farm on my forum post?
    1. Go to your farm.
    2. Highlight your farm's address in your browsers' address bar.
    3. Right-click on the highlighted address, and click COPY.
    4. When you create your post, just right-click where you want the address to go, and click PASTE.

    Make sure that the link isn't connected to any sentences, as they may break the link.

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Post Re: NEW Frequently Asked Questions! site FAQ's

Please also view the the site rules, term of use, and privacy policy

  1. Why can't I put more than one of certain items on my farm?
    Some items are only allowed one per farm.

    Such items include: Berry Tree, Melon patch, Stick & Stone Nest, Woven Nest, Ultra Sound Machine, Cryo-Pod, Maple tree, Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Juniper Tree, Food Barrel, Food Crate, Vegetable Crate, Small Apple Tree, and the Water Bucket.
    • One Berry Tree OR Melon patch per farm.
    • One Stick & Stone Nest OR Woven Nest per farm.
    • One Maple Tree OR Bonsai Tree OR Bonsai Juniper Tree per farm.
    • One Food Barrel OR Food Crate OR Vegetable Crate OR Small Apple Tree per farm.

  2. What are Farm Bucks?
    Farm bucks, often abbreviated as "FBs," are the main currency on CreatureBreeder. They are used to make purchases in the store as well as in trades between members. FB's are earned through the money trees, by selling creatures, and/or selling designs to other members.

  3. What are EVs?
    EVs are a form of currency here on CreatureBreeder. You can earn them by referring your friends, through email or a special link, to join the site.

  4. What are growth salves
    Growth salves are used to hatch an egg in less then a minute. You can only purchase them with EVs.

  5. What do I do when my Berry Tree, or Melon Patch, reaches 0%?
    A Berry Tree or Melon Patch will nourish your creatures every second for exactly twenty days.
    From the moment you purchase these items they WILL lose nourishment! It doesn't matter whether they are in your farm, or in your unused accessories. Therefore, it is a waste to buy more than what you need.

    When these run out of nourishment you can sell them back to the store:
    1. Go to Manage Farms
    2. Drag the tree you want to sell to the Selling Accessories box at the bottom of the page.
    3. Click "Sell this Stuff"
    4. Click "Ok" when prompt if you're sure
      • You can also select the Berry Tree/Melon Patch while viewing the farm it is in. The farm inspector will provide information on the item, and allow you to "sell" it back to the store.

    Once you have sold the item you will get half your money back, and then be able to put another berry tree/melon patch in that farm.

  6. What good is the water bucket?
    The water bucket looks good on your farm, and provides water for your pets. We do not see them drink from it, and it doesn't seem to help their health levels in any way. It's just for looks.

  7. What is the Wild, and how do I access it?
    The Wild serves many functions, and one of these functions is to serve as a place where you can release your creatures.
    This can be helpful if your farm gets full or you have creatures that you can't sell, or don't wish to keep. Since creatures can't die keeping all creatures you ever have can become overwhelming, and it takes up precious space.

    Another feature the wild gives members is an opportunity to chat with other users, who are in the wild at the moment, to chat in real-time.

    The Wild is also a place where you can go with your creature to gain farmbucks, random accessories, free eggs, rare creatures, and rare accessories. To pick up these things you just have to walk over the items.

    You may be lucky enough to grab a Twilight Vine, Veiled Lady, Pearl Of The Forest, or a Cradled Latern. All these items are rare, and the store does not stock them. The only other place to obtain such an item is in the official creaturebreeder contests!

    1. To access "The Wild" click one of your pets
    2. Looking at the Farm Inspector, and click "Visit Wild"
    3. The page will reload, and you'll see the wild welcome message.
      • NOTE: This won't work until after your egg hatches, because eggs can't walk!

    Twilight vines can only be found during twilight hours which is when it is darker and you hear crickets chirping. Just because it is twilight in the wild doesn't mean that there is a vine waiting to be found though.


    Below is a scaled down picture of The Wild during the day.


    Here is a video of a full walk-through of the wild.

  8. Why can't I pick up the farmbuck coins in the wild or the Twilight vine up in the wild?
    Most likely the reason for any user not being able to pick up either the farmbuck coins, or any other accessory, is due to a glitch within the game. With any expanding game, glitches are bound to happen. If a glitch, such as this, has accorded feel free to report it here.
    As soon as the creators have time, the problem will be fixed.

  9. Will the new "young" or "small" plants stay small, or will they grow?
    The young, and small plants, from the store will never grow: they will remain the same size forever. Typically, you may also purchase an adult counterpart at the store.

  10. When will my eggs hatch?
    All specie's eggs hatch exactly 31 hours after being laid. A crack will form one hour before hatching.

    Note: As of February 22nd 2014, there is a glitch that prevents a crack from forming on the egg.

  11. What is the maximum number of creatures in a farm?
    The maximum you can have is 10 per farm. You can have 20 farms per account, so all in all, that makes 200 pets per account.

  12. What are the rarest colors for each creature?
    No colors are rarer than another.

  13. My creature just turned Elderly, how come it can't breed?
    Juvenile and Elderly creatures can not be bred. Only creatures in the "Adult" period of their life can breed. A creature is an Adult for exactly 15 days.

    You are able to revive an Elderly creature by using the Fleeting Youth Potion. This will bring the creature back to the Adult stage again, but it is only effective for 15 days.

  14. What is a Fleeting Youth Potion and how do I use it?
    The Fleeting Youth Potion is available in the Creaturebreeder store, and is used to make an Elderly creature breedable again.

    To use it:
    1. Buy it from the store.
    2. Click on one of your creatures that are in the "Elderly" stage of life.
    3. Click the "Look closer" option.
    4. One of the options available to you, since you own a fleeting youth potion, will be to use the potion.
    5. Click to use it.

    Your pet will become an adult, for 15 days, then will return to old age. It will still show it's actual age the whole time, but will change the life stage.

  15. Is inbreeding bad for your creatures?
    No. Creatures can breed freely with any relative. Inbreeding is used for honing similar traits in the offspring. It is also how sub-breeds are created.

  16. My creature is ill what do I do?
    Your creature is likely ill due to breeding, or lack of feeding.

    Breeding drops the health of your pet 25%, and it will take your creature a half hour to fully recover from being bred.
    If your creature is ill because of a lack of feeding simply drag food onto the farm using your Food Barrel.

  17. Who gets the egg if I propose a breeding with another farmer?
    You both get an egg.

  18. Is it possible to block someone from commenting on my farms?
    Yes, it is.
    1. On the CreatureBreeder.come site, click Settings at the top of the page.
    2. On that page you can block a specific person by entering in their username, or you can block all users from commenting on your farms all together.
      • You can also block a user that has already commented on your farm by clicking the "delete & block" option on their comment.
      • You can disable comments for a specific farm on Manage Farms
        1. Go to "Manage Farms"
        2. Click the farm's "settings..."
        3. The third check box, under "Display Order," should say "Allow Comments."
        4. Uncheck it to disable that farm's comments

  19. How do I favorite a farm?
    1. Next to the drop down list, where you can pick what farm you want to view, you will see a selection of tabs. One of them is a little star ★.
    2. If you click it you have added that farm to your favorites.

  20. Will my creature at one point die?
    No, your creature will never die, but if you don't feed the creature, it will become ill.

  21. How many accounts can you have?
    There is no maximum number of farm accounts on However, you are NEVER allowed to open more than one forum account.

  22. What is the ultrasound machine, and how do I use it?
    The ultrasound machine is a device that will tell you if your egg is a boy or girl.

    To use it:
    1. Drag the egg, and touch the machine with it.
    2. Wait a second
    3. A heart will show up on the machine.
      • A pink heart is a girl, a blue heart is a boy.

  23. What is a cryo-pod, and how do I use it?
    A cryo-pod is a device that freezes your eggs, and stops their physical development (it's Life Stage). However, their age continues to increase, as usual, as the Cryo-pod does not stop time.

    To use it:
    1. Drag the egg that you want to freeze to the middle of the machine.
    2. Your browser will then reload and the egg will be inside of the machine.
    3. Click the red button to withdraw the egg.
      • Please note you can only freeze three eggs per cryo-pod, and you can only have one cryo-pod per farm. You can, however, keep as many cryo-pods (full or empty) in your Unused accessories that you want.

  24. What are the differences between a Red Maple Tree, Bonsai Juniper Tree, and a Bonsai Tree?
    Nothing, they all produce the same amount of farmbucks for you. The Bonsai Juniper Tree is more expensive compared to the other trees though.

  25. How do I become a moderator?
    Creaturebreeder site moderators are selected from the forum moderators. Do not ask to become a moderator; we will ask you.

  26. How do you get more farmbucks?
    Place a Bonsai Tree, Red Maple Tree, or Bonsai Juniper Tree on your first farm. Do NOT purchase any additional tree, since it doesn't increase the amount of farmbucks produced. Every hour you will be able to collect some farmbucks.

    You can also sell your creatures to get farmbucks. You can sell your creatures to other farmers for any price they are willing to pay.

    Exploring the wild will allow you to pick up farmbucks, and accessories. Every floating coin in the wild is worth 10 farmbucks. The accessories, if you don't want to use them, can be sold for half their store value.

    The last method of earning more farmbucks is feeding creatures on other user's farms. You get paid depending on how hungry the creatures are.

  27. How small is the smallest creature and how large is the largest creature?
    All creatures can be bred for size, within reason. For instance, the scuttlebug will never be as tall as the upright creatures. Just the same, upright creatures will never be as small as a bug.

    All creatures can be bred to be small or large though.

  28. What does it mean if your egg has a crack in it?
    Whenever you see a crack in your egg, that means you will soon have a new Juvenile creature on your farm.

  29. Can you send farmbucks to other users, if so how?
    Yes, you are able to send farmbucks to other users with the trading system!

    1. Viewing the user you want to send farmbucks to click the "Trade" button.
    2. The page will reload, and you'll then click "Add to Trade..."
    3. Select "You will give..."
    4. Next click "Farm Bucks..."
    5. Input the amount you will offer, and click "Ok"
    6. Click "Save" to accept, and save, the trade.

  30. How do I give things to other farmers?
    You can gift animals and accessories via your Manage Farms page.
    1. First you must bookmark the farmer you wish to give the items to.
    2. Then, on your Manage Farms page, you drag the items that you wish to gift into the "Offering Stuff:" box at the bottom of the page.
    3. When all the items are in there that you wish to gift, select the farmer you wish to gift them to from the drop down box
    4. Click "Offer this stuff..."
      • Note that sometimes farmers don't show up in the list even if you have them bookmarked. This happens when their farms are completely full of creatures. Even if you are only gifting items, not creatures, the game still will not allow the gift.
      • If you are unable to gift to them because they don't show up on your list, despite the fact that you have them bookmarked, tell them that they need to make room.

    You can also give items to other members similar to how you give farmbucks to others.
    1. Viewing the user you want to send items to click the "Trade" button.
    2. The page will reload, and you'll then click "Add to Trade..."
    3. Select "You will give..."
    4. Next click "accessories..."
    5. Select which accessories you will give
    6. Input the amount you will offer, and click "Ok"
    7. Click "Save" to accept, and save, the trade.

  31. How do I buy farm designs from others?
    1. Viewing the user you want to buy a farm design from click the "Trade" button.
    2. The page will reload, and you'll then click "Add to Trade..."
    3. Select "[farmer's username] will give...."
    4. Next select the farm from the drop down.
    5. Select ""You will give..."
    6. Click "Farm Bucks..."
    7. Input the amount you will offer, and click "Ok"
    8. Click "Save" to accept, and save, the trade.

  32. How do I delete my creature breeder account?
    1. To delete your farm you need to go onto your settings page.
    2. Scroll all the way to the bottom
    3. Select "Delete Account"
      • This action is irreversible

  33. How do I delete ONE of my farms?
    1. Go onto your manage farm page.
    2. Click "settings..."
    3. Select "Delete this Farm!"

  34. Are we able to edit or delete our creatures diary entries in any way?
    No, you are not be able to edit or delete them. Once you have added something to the creatures diary its in there forever.

  35. How do you put things that are in the unused accessory box into your farm?
    1. Click and drag the item to your farm.
    2. If you have several of one type of item, and you wish to move all of the items at once, drag the number after the item.
      • For instance, if you have 10 pine trees, it will look like: Pine Tree (10).
        • Drag the (10) to move them all.
        • If you only wish to move one pine tree, click and drag the name.
            The same stands for all objects.

  36. Can two different species of creatures breed together, such as a TurtleTot and a FuzCub?
    No. Unfortunately, it is impossible to breed between species.

  37. Is it possible to get a baby that doesn't look like either parents? (ex: 2 brown parents producing a yellow baby)
    Depending on the color, you can get different colored babies from same colored parents. However, 2 albinos will always produce an albino baby. The same situation applies if both parents are Malanistic: the offspring with also be Malanistic.

  38. Is it possible to see an egg hatch?
    It is not possible. If you wait and come back later, you will find a baby creature on your farm.

  39. Can the stone path be rotated in a vertical position rather than just a horizontal position?
    It can not be moved in a vertical position. You can move it around your farm but you can not rotate it.

  40. I just hatched an unusual looking pet, is it a sub-breed?
    Sub-breeds are a SPECIFIC breed of pet with a complete family history of pets that all match, and share the same characteristics. No random pet, no matter how rare, is part of a sub breed. Also, pets that look like a sub-breed, are NOT part of the sub-breed UNLESS it has the family history and DNA of the sub-breed. If it doesn't, it is only a "sub-breed look-a-like," better known as a "fake sub-breed."

  41. What exactly is a sub-breed?
    Read about what a sub-breed is here!

  42. What is a "generation breed"
    A generation breed is an established line of creatures, that when bred continually produce identical offsprings- generation after generation. They are often mistaken as an official sub-breed, but they aren't considered up to sub-breed standards. An example of a generation breed is this line of Vampire Cubs. Vampire Cubs are related to already established FuzCub sub-breeds, but they are still bred to a standard; thus, they can never be an official sub-breed, but they are considered a generation breed. Fake sub-breeds, such as Heart Tots, can also be considered a generation breed. Heart Tots being based on feyani's Valentine Tots.

  43. Is there a sub breed list with images?
    You can see sub-breeds by going to the Sub-Breed site: here's a link.

  44. What do I need to do to create a Sub breed?
    The Sub-Breed Rules, found right here, will give you all the information you need.

  45. What makes your creature unique or unusual?
    What makes your creature unique, or unusual, often is the appearance of it. It could be the color of the spikes, or the skin color, of the ScuttleBug; the spotting design of the TurtleTot; your FuzCub that has special spots, or spot colorings that really stand out. BrumbleBears could have spot designs located in a place where it's not seen; Beaklings could be a distinct color and their feathers could be an unusual size.

    The only way to know if you have a really unique creature is to ask around, get opinions, and work with your creatures to see if you can continue to get that coloration, or special markings, that you think is unique.

  46. Where can I find PonyaPans and PinniPups?
    Neither creature species can be purchases through the site's store. Members can only purchase these creatures by proposing on another member's PonyaPan/PinniPup, and hoping said member accepts the proposal.

    You can find PonyaPan eggs in the wild.

  47. Is there an image that shows the creatures and the eggs they come out of?

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