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Post Rules
These rules may be changed at any time by any member of The Moderation Team, with or without prior notice. It is your job to read this often. By remaining a member of this forum, you here by agree to follow these rules. While we, The Moderation Team; would like to anticipate everything that could possibly happen, it is simply not possible. If something happens that causes a problems, We Will take action, whether there is a specific rule for it or not.

Basic Forum Rules
  1. No Rule Twisting, be it innocently or willfully. How a moderator explains the rules is final and not open for discussion.
  2. We're all Human, so be respectful of your fellow user. No Bigotry, Racism, Sexism, or Flaming. We all make mistakes, learn from them and forgive those who make them. Additionally, keep it PG13. This is a family site thereby our language and topics should reflect this.
  3. No Political, Religious, or other sensitive topics Allowed. EXCEPTION: Debate Club.
  4. Refrain from using Chat Speak. Use your best English. Understand that we do have non-English users, so for ease of translation and prevention of confusion please use your best English.
  5. No typing in all caps or abnormally large text. It's the internet version of Yelling. You may *mildly* accentuate your posts, but show restraint.
  6. Do NOT post or message Personal Information. Generally speaking, it is best not to be overly specific.
  7. No Begging. No fund raisers. You want free stuff, check out the freebie section.
  8. No Spamming! Spamming includes posts with little to no substance, overwhelming the forum with your topics (especially in Ad forums), double posting, excessive bumping (bumping is allowed in the Ad forums, once every 24 hours).
  9. No posting in topics over 2 weeks old unless you have something important and relevant to add. Most times, however, it is best to just start a new topic and let the old one die.
  10. No Backseat Moderating. This includes telling a moderator how to enforce the rules. Additionally, please leave the moderator business and rule awareness/enforcement to the moderation team ONLY, for the respect of our members. If you feel that a member has broken a rule, wait for a moderator to catch it and correct it. If the problem is bad enough that it needs immediate moderator attention, you can easily report the post by clicking the exclamation point in their post (lower right corner of their post) that looks like this > Image. Please do not overload moderators by using that button too freely. The Moderation Team is NOT your personal army.
  11. Our Moderators work hard, and disrespect will NOT be tolerated. If you have an issue with a member of our mod team, you may discuss it with them or another admin/mod using PMs.
  12. Only ONE forum account per user is allowed. Opening more than one account will result in one or both accounts being deleted at mod's discretion. Note: opening new forum accounts because you have warning(s) in your current one will only make your situation worse. Warnings are carried over to your new account (pending BOTH your accounts are not deleted, which may happen). (You MAY have more than one CB GAME account).
  13. Do NOT allow anyone to use your forum account. Not only does it create confusion for the rest of the members, you are responsible for any activity involving your account, including warnings or banning that your friend/relative earns while on your account.
  14. Do not abuse Private Messages. All forum rules apply in PMs, including Spam. Failure to respect PM'ing *privileges* will result in them being taken away, likely without any warning! We take this very seriously. Additionally, only PM mod's when absolutely necessary. In most cases the public forum should be utilized, not PM's.
  15. Try to keep images in your posts no larger than 650 pixels wide, as to not stretch the forum. If you post large images or many images put a warning in the Title of your topic such as [Img Heavy].
  16. Lastly, Have Fun! That IS what we are here for after all!

  1. Please keep image special effects to a minimum (i.e. a small portion of the image). Image enhancement is fine, as long as it isn't so flashy that it may irritate members eyes and distract from the forum itself.
  2. Signatures should be no larger than 200kb in file size TOTAL.
  3. Signatures should be no higher than 150px and no wider than 640px. This means that your signature should fit inside the box below.

Helpful Hints
  • Follow the rules.
  • Search First, Ask Second.
  • Read the FAQ's.
  • Report Rule Breakers, Not Reply To Them.
  • Think before you post, if you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't say it here.

Warning System
First warning, 1st official strike against your account
Second Warning, Rank Removal
Third Warning, 2-3 Day ban
Fourth Warning, One week ban or Moderation
Fifth Warning, 1-2 week ban and Moderation
Sixth+ Warning, possible account termination and or perma banning

* This is just a general outline. However, we evaluate situations on a case by case basis which may mean a different form of action is carried out than what is outlined above. For instance, if someone is excessively abusive we will impose moderation immediately, to avoid subjecting our other members to the abuse.

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complete rule revamp

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Post Re: Rules
I would like to call everyones attention to the NEW Rules above. The mod team has *completely* overhauled the rules. This was in an effort to help give members more freedom while still maintaining order to the forum. You may notice that we now have half as many rules as we once did. Please take mind that we are taking a leap of faith here. We believe that our members have a level of maturity and honor that makes it possible to have less structure. When posting, please prove to us that we are right. :D

We request that everyone review the rules now, so you are well versed in the new system. As always, if anything needs to be clarified please contact any moderator.

One additional thing I would like to call to everyones attention is that we are running the Advertisements forums differently now. In those forums we have completely dropped the rules that were in addition to the main forum rules! Most notably, we now are allowing members to have more than one post in those forums! You also no longer have to keep editing your original post if you don't want to. We still encourage on-topic editing, but it is not required. Please show us that this was the right decision by the staff by not overwhelming those forums with ads. We *encourage* ads, but we also want you to be respectful of your fellow forum members by not overpowering their ads by flooding the forum. Also, ads may be locked after 2 weeks as they are considered 'old'. In CB time, 2 weeks is a lot. If your ad gets locked, simply create a new one :)

We thank everyone for your understanding with these rule changes. We know it will be an adjustment but we think everyone will be pleased with the change :)

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