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 Ranks & Moderation 
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Post Ranks & Moderation
This is a little Ranking breakdown for anyone who wants to know. Parts of this post where ganked from my other 3 topics on ranks and moderation. Hopefully this will be a better and more informative guide to ranks, moderation and who to ask for help. All Ranks are divided into groups and listed from lowest rank to highest in that group.

Moderation Team Ranks:
Sub-Breed Support - Trusted to check Lineages
Members with the Sub-Breed Support rank have volunteered to assist members with sub-breed submissions. They are able to check and approve, or deny, said submissions. Members with this title **truly** know what they are doing, so take their comments serious when they comment in response to questions on the sub-breed board.

Mini-Mods - Selective forum mods
These guys and gals have limited power, but they are who you should go to first if you have a problem here in the forums. They also know bunches about Creature Breeder, and if they are always willing to show you where to find what your looking for. Don't know who are current Mini-Mods are? Well swing over to their usergroup for a complete and current list!

Moderators - Global mods, Creature Breeder Mods.
Moderators are here to help you they have nearly unlimited power. They can help you with problems any where on the forums and if some one is harassing on Creature Breeder, these will be the people who will deal with it. These are also the people who help make decisions about the forum and can give official warnings if you act a fool. Don't know who's who? Mods is the usergroup you'll want to see.

Administrator - Genies of the Forum
What do we do? Just about everything! We do the same things as the mods, but we also are in charge of adding/removing groups, warnings and banning, and making sure the forum doesn't fall apart. Most of the time we hide quietly among the mods. There is no list of us, because there is really no reason to talk directly to an Admin about problems. 9 times out of 10 a mod or mini-mod can take care of your problem, and if they can't they will tell one of us.

Game Creator - Lords of All Creature Breederdom
There are only two of these and they are our beloved Aemon and ChooChoo. These great guys created creature breeder, let us play free of charge, and host the forum. Their word is law, and luckly for us they are super nice.

How do you become a mod/mini-mod?
Type out your posts well, follow the rules, be helpful and active and mature. If a mod corrects your post, please don't be rude about them doing so, etc. Don't ask any member of the team to become a mini/mod/admin. WE will contact YOU. Rest assured that if you stand out among the rest as a fantastic member, we will come to you when we need another member of the team. Asking a team member if you can be promoted only proves to us that you did not read this. If you can't take the time to read the CAQ's and the Rules, you're not mod material.

Normal User Ranks:
New User
Basic brand new account. These accounts are subject to deletion if not used with in 30 days. Any account that is deleted may be recreated. Brand new members are also on moderation. See the note at the bottom of this post for details.*
0 posts are needed to achieve this rank.

A new user who has introduced them self to the forum and may now post links and images.
1 post is needed to achieve this rank.

A user who has learned some of the ropes, and is well on there way.
50 posts are needed to achieve this rank.

Our standard user, sure they may have made a mistake now and then, but they've toughed it out.
100 posts are needed to achieve this rank.

By now your well known. You've been helpful and very successful. Who knows, you might even have a sub-breed of your own, or a group you moderate.
Mini/Mod Approval, 6 months(remind us!), and 6+ months with no warnings are needed for this rank.

Super Rancher
Your helpful, your insightful, and you could probably be a Mini-Mod someday.
Mini/Mod Approval is needed to achieve this rank.

Honorary Member
Honorary Members were a mini, mod, or admin, but something may have come up, or you decided to devote yourself to playing the game. Either way, they are always welcome back and we will miss them on the team.

Rank Removed
This rank is used when mods feel that members are making posts just to move up in rank (spamming). Giving someone this rank is at mods discretion and NOT open to dispute.

* As of Thu Oct 06, 2011 All *New* members are on moderation.
In an effort to keep spam posts off the forum for the safety of our members, we have been forced to place all new members on moderation. This is to insure our new members are not spammers before they have the privilege of posting freely. This means that all new members' posts will go into a queue for moderators to approve at their earliest convenience. These messages will not be seen by members of the forum until their approval.

Because we have to approve posts manually, please understand that it might take some time before your post(s) are approved and show up on the forum. It is our priority to approve your posts as quickly as possible, however, we do not sit on the forum every moment of every day. This means that it could take some time for your posts to get approved. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

After a moderator approves the new members first post (or posts, should they post more than once before we get to it) we will immediately take them off moderation so they can post freely on the forum. We do not wish to keep anyone on moderation any longer than we have to, for your convenience and our own.

Please understand that we are only doing this because we are forced to. Spammers have made forums a very unsafe place for us here and we need to stop that. We have taken many steps at preventing spammers through the years but for every step we take, they combat it and come at us with another trick. All of our previous efforts no longer work. Therefore we are forced take this drastic action. We know it will be inconvenient for all parties. It is not just members that are inconvenienced either, but trust me, none of us mods want to be doing this either. We do so much work as it is, this just adds to the already overwhelming load.

I hope that everyone understands why this is necessary. Please do not be disappointed in us, be disappointed in the spammers for forcing this. We are just trying to keep you safe. Some of those links are not only repulsive, but contain viruses. We would hate to lose you because a virus took over your computer.

In addition to moderation, new members are not allowed to have a signature. This is in an effort to keep spammers links out of their signatures. As soon as new members are taken off moderation they will immediately be allowed to have a signature.

New members will also not have the ability to see members lists and profiles. This is in an effort to keep our established members safe from harvesting their information, including their emails.

Lastly, new members are not allowed to PM either. We have had several cases of PM Spam through the years which we would like to prevent. Again, this is to keep our established members safe. Once a new member is off moderation they will immediately get their PM'ing privileges. New members, however, can read PM's.

Again, we are sorry for your inconvenience.

~The Mod Team

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